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What factors inhibit and stimulate Glycogen Synthase (form alpha 1-4 bonds)? Stimulate: Glucose-6-Phosphate, Adrenaline, Insulin. Inhibit: Glucagon, Ca
What role does UDP-Glucose play? and how do we form it? UDP-Glucose is the handle used to form alpha 1-4 bonds. We form it through Uridine (UTP) and Glucose-1 Phosphate combining (through enzyme UDP-Glucose Pyrophosphoryllase) forming UDP-Glucose and 2Pi.
What is Glycogenesis? Formation of Glycogen
How do we form Alpha 1-4 bonds? UDP-Glucose (Uridine+2Pi) acts as the glue to form the bonds. UDP-Glucose is formed through the breakdown of UTP-Glucose by the enzyme UDP-Glucose Phosphorylase.
How do we form Alpha 1-6 bonds? We form 1-6 bonds by Glycogen Synthase which activates a branching enzyme which causes the linear glucose chain to snap and reattach forming a branch.
What role does Insulin play? When Insulin levels are high (High Glucose) we form glucose through Glycogenesis. When Insulin is low (Low Glucose) we form glucose through Glycogenolysis.
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