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Which group survived the longest? Neanderthals Homo Erectus Homo Sapiens Australopithecus Homo Erectus
What is the oldest species of humans? Australopithecus
What are the 7 Criteria of a civilization? -Merchants & Trade -Specialization -Central Government -State Religion Class Structure -Agricultural Intensification Science + Writing
Examples of Merchants and Trade? Trade routes from civilization to civilization to trade resources and other goods
Examples of specialization? Arts, building, tax collectors, etc
Examples of Central Government? A king who was chosen by the "gods"
Examples of State Religion? A god is chosen to be believed in by the entire civilization
Examples of Class Structure? Priestly Class, Servant Class, etc.
Examples of Agricultural Intensification? Farming in one place, so domestication of animals
Examples of Science + Writing? developing new ways to make the civilization to be more efficient
Define Paleolithic? The old Stone age
Define Neolithic? The new Stone age
Define Megalith? A man made religious structure
Define Ziggurats? Temple pyramids that have steps to its peak
What are the four main original civilizations in Mesopotamia? Put them in order from first to last 1. Sumerians 2. Akkadians 3. Babylonians 4. Assyrians
What surrounds Mesopotamia? Two Rivers -Tigris -Euphrates
What do the rivers that surround Mesopotamia provide? -Transport for trade -Fish as a food source -Irrigation for farming
What is Mesopotamia now? Iraq
Who is Hammurabi? A King during the time of Babylonians who made laws that were "Eye for an eye" like and also publicly displayed these laws in the center of the City
What is the Great Leap forward? A time where innovative behavior began, inventions like: -Bow + Arrow -Watercraft -Clothing
What does specialization require to happen and what are some jobs that came with it? It requires agricultural intensification, Some jobs are: -Brewers -Merchants -Potters -Fletchers
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