SPAN111 Week 1 Lecture 2

Maddie McIntyre
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Lecture Two, Week One of Victoria University's SPAN111: Introduction to the Spanish Language class taken by Teresa Nechen

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Question Answer
Soy I am
Eres You are
SER The verb 'to be'
Es He/she/it is (formal)
Somos We are
Sois You (plural) are
Son They are
Vosotras You are (females)
Cero Zero
Uno 1
Dos 2
Tres 3
Cuatro 4
Cinco 5
Seis 6
Siete 7
Ocho 8
Nueve 9
Diez 10
Once 11
Doce 12
Trece 13
Catorce 14
Quince 15
Dieciseis 16
Diecisiete 17
Dieciocho 18
Diecinueve 19
Veinte 20
Veintiuno 21
Veintidos 22
Veintitres 23
Veinticuatro 24
Veinticinco 25
Veintiseis 26
Veintisiete 27
Veintiocho 28
Veintinueve 29
Treinta 30
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