Veterinary Terminology, Quantitative & Qualitative Prefixes

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A- Meaning: no, not, without Example: acholia (lack or absence of bile secretion)
AN- Meaning: no, not, without Example: analgesic (relieving pain)
ANA- Meaning: up, apart Example: anabasis (the stage of increase in a disease)
ANTI- Meaning: against Example: antibody (immune body that fights foreign substances)
AUTO- Meaning: self Example: autonomic (not subject to voluntary control)
BI- Meaning: two Example: bilateral (pertaining to both sides)
BRADY- Meaning: deficient, under Example: bradycardia (abnormally slow heartbeat)
CHLORO- Meaning: green Example: choloroma (malignant, green-colored tumor)
CHROMO- Meaning: color Example: chromhidrosis (secretion of colored sweat)
CO- Meaning: with, together Example: cohort (a group with a characteristic acquired at the same time)
COM- Meaning: with, together Example: communicability (ability to spread from to susceptible hosts)
CON- Meaning: with, together Example: contagious (capable from being transmitted from host to host)
CYANO- Meaning: blue Example: cyanosis (blue skin & mucosal discoloration)
DE- Meaning: down, lack of Example: dehydration (lack of water)
DECI- Meaning: one-tenth Example: deciliter (one tenth of a liter)
DI- Meaning: two Example: diataxia (ataxia affecting both sides of the body)
DIA- Meaning: through, between, apart, across, completely Example: diarrhea (rapid movement of fecal matter through the intestines)
DYS- Meaning: bad, painful Example: dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)
ERYTHRO- Meaning: red Example: erthrocyte (red blood cells)
HEMI- Meaning: half Example: hemihypotonia (diminished muscle tone on one side of the body)
HEXA- Meaning: six Example: hexavitamin (preparation of six vitamins)
HYPER- Meaning: excessive, above Example: hypertension (persistently high blood pressure)
HYPO- Meaning: below, deficient Example: hypoglycemia (abnormally low level of sugar in the blood)
LEUKO- Meaning: white Example: leukoencephalitis (inflammation of white brain substance)
MACRO- Meaning: large Example: marcoglossia (excessive size of the tongue)
MAL- Meaning: bad Example: malignant (tending to worsen and cause death)
MELANO- Meaning: black Example: melanotrichia (abnormal increased pigmentation of the hair)
META- Meaning: change, beyond Example: metamorphosis (change of structure or shape)
MICRO- Meaning: small Example: micromastia (abnormal smallness of the mammary gland)
MONO- Meaning: one, single Example: monogerminal (developed from a single ovum)
MULTI Meaning: many Example: multiarticular (pertaining to or affecting many joints)
NEO- Meaning: New Example: neonate (newborn animal)
PAN- Meaning: all Example: pandemic (a widespread epidemic)
PENT- Meaning: five Example: pentadactyl (having five digits)
POLY- Meaning: many, much Example: polychromatic (many-colored)
PSEUDO- Meaning: false Example: pseudopregnancy (false pregnancy)
QUADR- Meaning: four Example: quadrilocular (having four cavities)
SUB- Meaning: less than, beneath Example: subclinical (without clinical manifestations)
SYM-, SYN- Meaning: with, together Example: symbiosis (mutually reinforcing)
TACHY- Meaning: fast Example: tachycardia (abnormally fast heartbeat)
TRI- Meaning: three Example: tribrachius (monster with three forelimbs)
ULTRA- Meaning: beyond Example: ultrasonic (beyond the audible range)
XANTH- Meaning: yellow Example: Xanthemia (presence of yellow coloring matter in the blood)
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