Organelles, Veterinary Terminology

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Centrioles Meaning: structures that function in cell reproduction
Cilia Meaning: hairlike extensions on the surface of those cells capable of movement
Endoplasmic Reticulum Meaning: membrane network of "roads" and "channels" that wind through cytoplasm
Flagella Meaning: a sperm cells "tail"
Golgi Bodies Meaning: sacs that make and transport carbohydrate compounds
Lysosomes Meaning: the cell's digestive system
Mitochondria Meaning: "power plants" that burn food in the presence of oxygen to make cell energy
Ribosomes Meaning: "protein factories" that make proteins
Anabolism Meaning: the building metabolic phase; grows, maintains, and repairs body structures.
Biology Meaning: the study of life and life processes
Catabolism Meaning: the breaking-down metabolic phase; producing energy from food and oxygen.
Chromosomes Meaning: short, tightly-coiled rods that contains genes
CYT/O Meaning: Cells
Cytoplasm Meaning: substance between plasma membrane and nucleus of all cells
DNA Meaning: deoxribonucleic acid; chemical genes are made of
Genes Meaning: regions of DNA organized into the "body's blueprint"
Kary/O Meaning: nucleus
Karyoplasm Meaning: substance of nucleus
Karyotype Meaning: picture of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell
Metabolism Meaning: chemical process by which cells obtain and use energy
Nucleus Meaning: sphreiod body within a cell that dictates protein production; controls transport, metabolism, growth, hereditary
Organelles Meaning: structures within cytoplasm
-Plasm Meaning: formative, formed material
Plasma Membrane Meaning: the outside boundary of the cell
RNA Meaning: Ribonucleic acid; needed for production of protein within the cells
Tissue Fluid Meaning: salt water solution that bathes every cell in the body
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