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What do you call a molecule that fits into the active site of an enzyme? A Substrate
What does LIPASE help break down? Lipids (fats and oils) into fatty acids and glycerol
What does AMYLASE help break down? Starch into sugars
What does PROTEASE help break down? Proteins into amino acids
Where is BILE produced? The liver
What does BILE do? Bile neutralises acidic food and emulsifies fats
Where is BILE stored? The gall bladder
Where is AMYLASE produced? The salivary glands, the pancreas and the small intestines
Where is PROTEASE produced? The stomach, the pancreas and the small intestines
Where is LIPASE produced? The pancreas and the small intestines
What are ENZYMES? Enzymes are proteins and are classed as biological catalysts
What are proteins? Long chains of amino acids
What are some everyday uses for enzymes? Baby foods, biological detergents, convert starch syrups into sugar syrups, convert glucose syrup into fructose syrup, change the flavour of food, extract juice from fruit, making medical products...
What is a catalyst? Something which speeds up the rate of reaction while remaining chemically unchanged.
What happens if the temperature gets too high or too low? If this happens the temperature will change the shape of the active site meaning the enzyme no longer fits and so the enzyme is no longer useful. This means the enzyme has denatured.
What happens if the PH level gets too high or too low? The forces holding the enzyme molecule together will get weak and the enzyme will denature.
What is the active site of the enzyme? A specific shape in the enzyme which fits together with other specific shaped molecules. fd4571ed-a0b2-4c10-8695-aa69f61287d5.png (image/png)
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