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A set of flashcards for learners to revise key concepts taught during the writing skills unit prior to doing the end of unit assessment tasks.

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What does SPaG stand for? Spelling Punctuation and Grammar
What are the two functions of apostrophes? To indicate possession (ownership) e.g. Bob's car (The car belonging to Bob) To indicate omission of a letter or letters e.g. It's been a lovely day today. (It has been a lovely day today)
Punctuation can be used to create meaning in texts. True or False? True Punctuation, in combination with varied sentence structures and appropriate vocabulary choices can be used to create meaning as well as aid the meaning of a text
What are the three basic types of sentence in English? Simple: Expresses a complete idea and makes complete sense on its own. Contains 1 verb. Compound: Made up of two simple sentences joined by a connective such as 'and' or a semi-colon. Complex: Made up of a main clause which could stand as a simple sentence on its own and one or more subordinate clauses which need additional information to makes sense. Clauses are joined using either connectives or various appropriate punctuation marks.
When should you begin a new paragraph? When you move on to write about a new idea, character, situation or setting.
What does FAP stand for? Form: type of text e.g. letter, essay etc. . Audience: the intended readers of a text. Purpose: the reason the text is written e.g. to inform
Essay introductions should always contain at least 1 direct quotation from the text you are writing about. True or False? False: An essay introduction should NEVER contain direct quotations!
What's the difference between a direct quotation and a direct reference? A direct quotation is where you write the words of a text exactly as they are written in that text, enclosing them in single quotation marks ( ' ' ) or double quotation marks if it is something spoken by a characters ( " " ) A direct reference is where you refer directly to a specific feature of a text. These are used when writing about certain features of media non-fiction texts and also to write about structural devices within texts.
What does PEED stand for? Point: the thing you want to say Evidence: direct quotation or reference from the text. Explanation: your analysis of the textual evidence which explains how it illustrates or proves your point. Development: A secondary point, evidence and explanation which moves your interpretation on or in a slightly different direction.
What are the two categories of writing purposes? Non-fiction and Creative writing
What is being assessed in the writing tasks? Your ability to consciously craft your writing, adapting your vocabulary, sentence structures and choice of particular devices to suit the FAP of the task set. Your SPaG is also being tested!
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