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Biological Definitions
AS Biology Unit 1
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Genes, The Genetic Code, DNA and Chromosomes
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AS AQA Biology (New Spec) Flashcards
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How many different amino acids are there? 20
Name the constituents in the structure of an animo acid - Animo Group (NH2) - Variable R group - Central Carbon Atom - Carboxylic Acid Group (COOH)
What type of reaction joins two amino acids together? Condensation Reaction
What is the process called when long chains of monomers join together? Polymerisation
In the condensation reaction between two animo acids, what is formed? A molecule of water is formed between the OH of the carboxylic acid group, and a Hydrogen from the amino group of another amino acid
What is the bond called that joins two mono peptides together? And what atoms does it form between? It is a Peptide Bond and it forms between the carbon atom of one amino acid, and the nitrogen of another animo acid
Describe the primary structure of proteins. The specific sequence of amino acids in a single polypeptide chain
Describe the secondary structure of a protein Hydrogen bonds form between the amino acids and the polypeptide chain is folded into a 3D structure - either an alpha helix, or beta pleated sheet
Describe the tertiary structure of a protein In the tertiary structure, more hydrogen bonds are formed as well as ionic bonds and di-sulphide bridges
Describe the quaternary structure of a protein. The quaternary structure of a protein includes more than one polypeptide chain and it can be associated with non-protein (prosthetic) groups such as a haem group, in haemoglobin
What type of function do globular proteins carry out? Metabolic functions this is why a lot of enzymes are globular
Haemoglobin is an example of what type of protein? Globular
Describe the specific structure of a fibrous protein The secondary structure is very tight, and the tertiary structure is wound again into a helix. The quaternary structure is made up of many of the tertiary structure chains, wound tightly into a strong, rope-like protein
Where as globular proteins carry out metabolic functions, what functions do fibrous proteins carry out? Structural Functions
What structural 'link' makes fibrous proteins so strong? cross links which form between the parallel rows of chains are what gives fibrous proteins the opportunity to become a strong protein
What is the name of the test for proteins? What feature of proteins does this test detect? Name: Biuret Test Feature: Peptide Bonds
What is initially added to the sample in question when testing for proteins? Sodium Hydroxide Solution
What is the second solution to be added to the mixture? (Very dilute) Copper (II) Sulphate
If a peptide bond is present, what colour does the mixture turn? Purple