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Energy Resources

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Where is energy generated? Energy is usually generated in power stations which burn fossil fuels.
What does a power station do? They all work the same way by burning fossil fuels and converting this energy into electricity. The electricity is then taken to where it is needed.
What are the main things that happen in a power station? (7) 1. The fuel is supplied to the power station 2. Then it is burnt in a furnace 3. The heat given out is used to heat water and turn it into steam 4. The steam is then piped to a turbine where it forces the turbine blades to turn 5. The turbine is connected to a shaft that drives a generator 6. The generator produces electricity 7. The steam used to drive the turbine condenses back into water as it cools and is recycled back to the boiler and reused.
Watch this video as it explains how electricity is made and sent to our homes :D
What are the energy transfers in a power station? b7cae297-e535-4e76-b260-6a9f04f068b1.gif (image/gif)
Give an example on why using a power station is not the most efficient method. -at least 60% of the energy stored in the fuel is lost as heat
What are some problems with burning fossil fuels in power stations? -they produce carbon dioxide which leads to global warming -they also produce sulphur dioxide which causes acid rain -transporting fuels to the power station causes transport -large quantities of water is used in the process -when coal is burnt, a lot of ash is produced
What are the two main problems with using fossil fuels? 1. The supply of these fuels will eventually run out 2. It causes pollutions of the water and air.
What problem does- a) carbon dioxide b) sulphur dioxide c) soot and tiny particles d) other chemicals -cause? a) global warming b) acid rain c) -breathing problems -deposited on buildings -blocks air filters d) -breathing problems -allergies -smog
Fill in the gaps: Burning _____ _____ releases huge amounts of _______ into the ________. Burning [fossil fuels] releases huge amounts of [pollutants] into the [atmosphere].
As oil is used in such large amounts and often has to be transported over large distances, what are the two main things that can go wrong? 1. Pipelines can leak or be destroyed 2. Tankers can sink releasing large amounts of highly polluting crude oil into the sea.
What are renewable energy resources? Renewable energy resources are energy resources that will not run out.
How does hydroelectric power? It uses the energy from the falling water to turn generators that collect water.
What are the main types of renewable energy? (7) -wind -wave -wind -tidal -geothermal -solar -bio-fuel
What are the problems with renewable energy sources? -These sources can only contribute a small amount to our total energy needs. -The sites are inaccessible which makes maintenance difficult -Most of theses sources only generate electricity when the conditions are right.
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