Atomic Structure

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What is the mass of an atom? The mass of an atom is the total number of protons and neutrons it contains.
What is an Isotope? Isotopes are atoms of an element that contain different amounts of neutrons
Is the mass number smaller or bigger than the atomic number? The mass number of an atom is never smaller than the atomic number but can be the same
What is an atomic number? The atomic number of an element s the number of protons and electrons it contains
Where is the atomic and mass number on a chemical symbol? The mass number is at the top and the atomic number is at the bottom.
What is an atom with a full outer shell? The atom is stable and so will not react with anything.
Why do atoms react with other atoms. Because they are unstable as they do not have full outer shells and want to have full outer shells. A full shell is a happy shell!
What is an electron strucutre? An electron structure is the number of electrons in each shell shown in order. e.g 2,8,1 for potassium
What is the number of shells in an atom the same as? The number of shells in an atom is the same as the period it is in. e.g. Lithium is in period 2 so it has 2 shells of electrons
What is the number of electrons in the final outer shell of an element the same as? The amount of electrons in the outer shell of an atom is the same as the group number it is in. (this has an exception of helium which has only 2 electrons and is in group 0 a.k..a. group 8, the rest in that group do have 8 electrons in the outer shell)
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