Jerk chicken. Befor reading. Vocab part 1

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Study the following phrases and words from the article. Make your own sentences with them or answer the questions on the cards. Practice two-way translation.

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Fairest island in the world What island is the fairest in the world? самый сказочный остров в мире
attract the rich and famous Do you like places that attract the rich and famous? привлекать богатых и знаменитых (прибавив артикль the к прилагательному, вы получите существительное) rich - богатые, the rich - poor - бедные; the rich - богачи, the poor - бедняки
to boast This island boasts celebrity guests Do you like boasting? хвастаться быть знаменитым (хвастать) из-за своих гостей-знаменитостей
to be popular with It is polular with the stars быть популярным среди кого-то
be famous for Is is famous for its picturesque views What is you favourite holiday destination famous for? быть знаменитым за что-то
picturesque views breathtaking views Do you like the view? Is it picturesque? живописные виды сногсшибательные виды
harbour гавань
unspoilt stretch of coast не тронутая береговая линия
Easy-going, uncrowned and friendly Are you easy-going and friendly? легкий, не людный, дружелюбный
lush (greenery) пышная (растительность)
Modern vibe Do places with modern vibe appeal to you? современная атмосфера
High profile names - often seen in public, mentioned in newspapers, or appearing on television знаменитости
a slick hotel роскошный отель
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