Oasis - Don't look back in anger

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Don't look back in anger Oasis
Background written in 1995 example of Britpop: Guitar based band verse and chorus structure regular phrasing basic harmony
Rhythm and Metre The drum music has a continuous 8 beat rhythm from the beginning of the verse. Syncopation is most pronounced in the vocal line, e.g. right from the start. Drum fills include sextuplets just before the third chorus at bar 44. The bass drum plays on beats 1 and 3, with the snare emphasising the backbeats (2 and 4). The tambourine has continuous semiquavers, starting half way through the prechorus.
instrumentation broken chord piano introduction strummed guitars, also provides licks bass part phas an unusually low tessitura string part recorded on a mellotron drum kit has drum breaks and occasional fills
vocal style Noel Gallagher sings with a high tessitura The style is mainly syllabic occasional short melismas The music is double-tracked
Texture The texture is mainly melody dominated homophony Some variety is provided by the guitar licks, which often continue during parts of the vocal phrases, e.g. bar 10
Tonality The whole song is in C major The verses and choruses are almost completely diatonic apart from the G sharp in the E major chord Much of the music is pentatonic
Harmony In the intro, tonic and subdominant chords alternate with a slow harmonic rhythm of one chord per bar Chords are arranged in 4 bar groups The chord scheme of the verse begins as in Pachelbel’s Canon, (ie I, V, vi, iii) The song ends with a simple tonic chord.
Melody The entire verse melody is pentatonic (G-A-C-D-E) The chorus begins with a distinctive upward leap of an octave There is some use of melodic repetition There are occasional blue notes
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