Sequenza III

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Composed 1965
Genre Concert piece or music theatre
Resources Solo soprano voice
Aleatoric music Where the performer decides certain elements
Features that indicate it was composed after 1945 Aleatoric music Graphic non-specific score No set pulse Experimental use of voice No set structure Atonal Theatrical elements
Form No set form Climax in the middle Feeling of a beginning and end Through composed Ends by falling chromatically and lowering pitch and dynamic
Tonality Atonal Notated sections don't follow a set key Highly chromatic Pitch is approximate and indeterminate
Rhythm Approximate or unmeasured 10 second units a result of the performer rather than determined by the composer himself
Melody Fragments of notated melody are separated by alternative singing techniques Frequent interjections with extended vocal techniques Whispering, laughing, clicking, coughing, gasping sense of melody were pitches are sustained sudden flourishes and scales Writing is angular
Setting of text Sprechstimme Syllabic and melisimatic broken up words short words repeated quickly in random order words and phonetic sounds are interrupted dental tremolo- flutter tonging words and phonetic sounds are interrupted
Harmony and texture monophonic no accompaniment, so no harmony
Metre No set pulse or metre since no time signature is defined time and duration defined by 10 second units
Other No traditional dynamics but specific descriptive instructions extended vocal techniques
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