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Patentability S1. Patentable inventions. S2. Novelty. S3. Inventive step. S4. Industrial application. S5. Priority date. S6. Disclosure of matter, etc., between earlier and later applications.
Right to apply for and obtain a patent and be mentioned as inventor S7. Right to apply for and obtain a patent. S13. Mention of inventor.
Applications S14. Making of application. S15. Date of filing application. S15A. Preliminary Examination. S16. Publication of application.
Examination and search S17. Preliminary examination and search. S18. Substantive examination and grant or refusal of patent. S19. General power to amend application before grant. S20. Failure of application. S21. Observations by third party on patentability.
Security and safety S22. Information prejudicial to defence of realm or safety of public. S23. Restrictions on applications abroad by United Kingdom residents.
Provisions as to patents after grant 1 S24. Publication and certificate of grant. S25. Term of patent. S26. Patent not to be impugned for lack of unity. S27. General power to amend specification after grant.
Provisions as to patents after grant 2 S28. Restoration of lapsed patents. S28A. Effect of order for restoration of patent. S29. Surrender of patents.
Property in patents and applications, and registration 1 S30. Nature of, and transactions in, patents and applications for patents. S31. Nature of, and transactions in, patents and applications for patents in Scotland. S32. Register of patents etc.
Property in patents and applications, and registration 2 S33. Effect of registration, etc., on rights in patents. S36. Co-ownership of patents and applications for patents.
Employees’ inventions S39. Right to employees’ inventions. S40. Compensation of employees for certain inventions. S41. Amount of compensation. S42. Enforceability of contracts relating to employees’ inventions. S43. Supplementary.
Licences of right and compulsory licences S46. Patentee’s application for entry in register that licences are available as of right. S47. Cancellation of entry made under s.46.
Infringement 1 S60. Meaning of infringement. S61. Proceedings for infringement of patent. S62. Restrictions on recovery of damages for infringement. S63. Relief for infringement of partially valid patent.
Infringement 2 S64. Right to continue use begun before priority date. S65. Certificate of contested validity of patent. S66. Proceedings for infringement by a co-owner.
Infringement 3 S67. Proceedings for infringement by exclusive licensee. infringement proceedings. S68. Effect of non-registration on infringement proceedings. S69. Infringement of rights conferred by publication of application.
Infringement 4 S70. Remedy for groundless threats of infringement proceedings. S71. Declaration or declarator as to non-infringement.
Revocation of patents S72. Power to revoke patents on application. S73. Comptroller’s power to revoke patents on his own initiative.
Putting validity in issue S74. Proceedings in which validity of patent may be put in issue.
Opinions by Patent Office S74A. Opinions on matters prescribed in the rules. S74B. Review of opinions under section 74A.
General provisions as to amendment of patents and applications S75. Amendment of patent in infringement or revocation proceedings. S76. Amendments of applications and patents not to include added matter. S76A. Biotechnological inventions
European patents and patent applications S77. Effect of European patent (UK). S78. Effect of filing an application for a European patent (UK). S79. Operation of s.78 in relation to certain European patent applications. S80. Authentic text of European patents and patent applications.
International applications for patents S89. Effect of international application for patent. S89A. International and national phases of application. S89B. Adaptation of provisions in relation to international application.
Legal Proceedings S100. Burden of proof in certain cases.
Offences S110. Unauthorised claim of patent rights. S111. Unauthorised claim that patent has been applied for.
Administrative provisions 1 S117. Correction of errors in patents and applications. S117A. Effect of resuscitation of a withdrawn application under section 117. S118. Information about patent applications and patents, and inspection of documents.
Administrative provisions 2 S117B. Extensions of time limits specified by comptroller. S119. Service by post. S120. Hours of business and excluded days.
Supplemental S125. Extent of invention. S130. Interpretation.
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