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7 Criteria of a civilization? (SAMCCSS) -Specialization -Agricultural Intensification -Merchants and Trade -Central Government -Class Structure -State Religion -Science + Writing
Merchants and Trade examples for Egypt? Mediterranean sea major route for trade -Exported Wheat -Imported Technology Partners: Syria, Palestine, North Africa, etc.
What is the Geography of Egypt? -North-East Africa -Mediterranean provided trade system -Nile River- Provide Fertile plains -Desert- Provide Natural Resources and defensive system because impossible to cross
Science and Writing Examples for Egypt? Hieroglyphics and Demotic Script
Examples of Class Structure for Egypt? -Pharaoh -Government Officials -Soldiers -Scribes -Merchants
Agricultural Intensification examples? -Flood Plains -canals for grain (both from Nile)
Examples of State Religion for Egypt? -Amon-Ra is main god -Pharaoh is Horis
Examples of specialization for Egypt? -Scribes -Potters -Architects
The law for Egypt? -They only look back to their previous punishment because the laws aren't codified -Higher class gets to choose suicide instead of being executed
Laws of Art? -Men red, women yellow -Size -Pharaoh is always tall -Peasants kneeling -No one is looking out of painting
What are the roles of women? -Legally equal -Social - Still subservient to men and education is not equal to boys -Politics- No power and no high life -Home is ran by women -Men are able to have several wives
The economy of Egypt? -Annual food production -Became complex because of trade -labour provides stable supply of food and excess time to build monuments -Trades- sons are taught by fathers
What are the burial beliefs of Mummification? -Ba is the personality -Ka is the spiritual duplicate -Akh is the transformation of the mummy for the after world
Examples of Central Government for Egypt? The Pharaoh was a god and everything that everyone owned was a gift from him.
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