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What is an Audio compression codec? An Algorithm which selectively deletes unperceivable sound to save space.
The Shannon-Nyquist Sampling Theory is: The Sampling frequency must be equal to, or greater than, twice the highest frequency.
Pulse Code Modulation is: PCM is a digital representation of an analog wave. Where magnitude of the waveform is taken at regular intervals (sampling frequency).
A higher bit depth... increases dynamic range and allows a better recreation of the wave
A low bit depth.... causes waves to be distorted and unrealistic, no matter how high the sample rate
As Bit Depth and Sampling Frequency increase... higher quality audio is achieved.
CD-quality stereo audio has a bit-rate of 1.4 Mb/second.
Two types of Audio Compression Lossy and Lossless
Popular types of Lossy Codec .mp3 .ogg .aac .ac3 .wma
Popular types of lossless codec .flac .alac .wav .ape .wmal
What is the Psychoacoustic Model? A recreation of the human hearing system.
Name two types of masking... Temporal Masking Simultaneous Masking
The MPEG Codec uses how many overlapping even bands? 32
How many uneven critical bands are there? 24
Name the 6 sections to a bitstream packet for MPEG Layer 1 Header CRC Bit Allocation Scale Factor Sub-band Samples Aux Data
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