1.1 Cell Structure

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What is the function of a nucleus? Controls the activities of the cell
What is the function of cytoplasm? Where most of the chemical reactions take place
What is the function of the cell membrane? Controls the passage of substances into and out of the cell
What is the function of mitochondria? Where most energy is released in respiration
What is the function of a ribosome? Where protein synthesis occurs
What is the function of chloroplasts? They absorb light energy to make food
What is a vacuole? In plant cells Filled with cell sap
What are the cell walls of plant and algal cells made of? What is its function? Cellulose Strengthens the cell
What is inside a bacterial cell? Cytoplasm Membrane surrounded by a cell wall The genes are not in a distinct nucleus Some of the genes are located in circular structures called plasmids
What is inside a yeast cell? It is a single cell organism Nucleus Cytoplasm Membrane surrounded by cell wall
Name some specialised cells and their functions *
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