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1-this test is used for.......... 2- the organism producing this reaction causes : a- toxic shock syndrome b-gas gangrene c- hospital acquired infections cb484c3f-0b16-46f4-b511-c763f3b64d1b.png (image/png) 1- to test the effect of bacteria on lactose sugar and casein protein 2- c
1- the stain of this slide is............ 2- all of the followings are predisposing factors for infection with this organism except: a- genetic predisposition ' b- moisture c- warmth d- oral contraceptive pills 9f105c1e-218a-42ca-92ba-d0f086009c5c.png (image/png) 1- lactophenol cotton blue 2- d
1- the name of this test............ 2- the disease caused by this organism........... 9b4b85d2-eaaf-4692-aed3-2dd8a722f1de.png (image/png) 1- CAMP test 2- neonatal meningitis
1- identify the organism 2- the effect of this organism on nutrient agar 14176947-535c-41e9-b775-8835c4897f39.png (image/png) 1- diphteroids 2- growth
1- identify the organism 2-all of the following is true about the media IN THIS CASE except: a-it contains cycloheximide b- it contains chloramphenicol c- acidic ph d- non of the above 11771b00-1a6c-4def-808b-2fc7c5017fce.png (image/png) 1- candida albicans 2- a
1- what is the selective substance in this medium? 2- all of the following produce this reaction except: a-pseudomonas b- proteus' c- salmonella d-klebsiella c21f4bf6-a42f-472d-b7c2-edf03a32c0d9.png (image/png) 1- bile salts and crystal violet 2- d
1- the reducing substance in this medium 2- the type of this medium is.... 71bbd690-f45a-48d6-a78c-24287d2a0901.png (image/png) 1- glutathione and hematin 2- enrichment medium
1- the name of this reactionis... 2-the use is............ aa505199-af12-4a4a-b6b6-bb5652009e81.png (image/png) 1- single radial immunodiffusion 2- measures conc of different proteins as complements or ig isotypes ( remember that it is a quantitative method)
1- identify the organism 2- mention the genus specific tests and species specific tests of this organism 8ca8015a-e5fe-48c9-a6a2-ab8223647538.png (image/png) 1- staph aureus in pus 2- genus specific tests>>> catalase species specific test>>> coagulase - hemolysis on blood agar
1- this article is steralized by ....... 2- disposal of this article after use ............. 9e86723d-c87b-4851-a794-5907c98f8765.png (image/png) 1- gamma rays or ethylene oxidase gas or h2o2 gas plasma 2- autoclave then incineration
1- mention two organisms producing postive reactions in both media .. 2- the basic medium for these two media is........... 61ca1f61-1e9b-447d-be3e-e88dc4a68f19.png (image/png) 1- klebseilla and pseudomonas 2- nutrient agar
1- this method is called......... and it is ....... 2- the name of the agar is ...... aec3b124-b97f-4acb-b55d-443f920efebf.png (image/png) 1- Disc diffusion method and it is qualitative 2- Muller Hinton agar
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