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what are the four types of euthanasia? Voluntary euthanasia, non- voluntary euthanasia, active euthanasia,passive euthanasia
what is voluntary euthanasia? the person wants to die and says so. for example: refusing medical treatment, asking for medical treatment to be stopped or life support machine to be turned off, refusing to eat
what is non-voluntary euthanasia? the person cannot make a decision or make their wishes known. for example person is in a coma, person is too young, person has brain damage
what is active euthanasia? this happens when a medic or another person deliberately acts to cause the patient to die.
what is passive euthanasia? death is brought about by an omission. i.e by withdrawing or withholding treatment in order to let someone die. for example withholding or withdrawing mechanical life support, removing a feeding tube, don't give life-extending drugs
what would theists think about euthanasia? theists are strongly against euthanasia, they would choose pro-life. they would believe its playing god
name key word/phrases to use in essays sanctity of life, quality of life, pro-choice, pro-life, playing god, living will/advanced directive, intensive care, 'best interests of the patient', proxy, Hippocratic oath
quotes people have said "were theirs life theirs hope", "my life, my pain, my death", "life is the right choice"
what do Christians think about euthanasia? not all Christians have the same view. some Christians believe that euthanasia is murder. Christians believe that god doesn't promise us a life free from suffering and that shouldn't try to escape pain.
what influences Christians beliefs? 1 what the bible says 2 what they think Jesus would do 3 what religious leader e.g vicars/ the pope say 4 what other Christians think
what did Jesus say that convinced some Christians that euthanasia is ok? for example turning off a life support machine if a patient is brain dead is agreeable "love your neighbour as you love yourself
what is one of the 10 commandments that some makes some Christians think euthanasia is murder? "thou shalt not kill"
name some people who thought about euthanasia but did not kill themselves or was not aloud to commit euthanasia Christopher Reeve, Steven Hawkins, Christine Darley - Jane
why did Christopher Reeve not commit euthanasia? because he loved his family and did not want to leave them behind he decided to live no matter what happened.
what is a hospice? A hospice is when the terminally ill people spend their last days having fun with their family or friends.
what does sanctity of life mean? it means all life is sacred and special in a holy way and therefore we should cherish it.
what is a advanced directive/ living will? an advanced directive or living will is when a person chooses if they would like to commit euthanasia or stay alive through a disability or disease
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