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The nucleus... A structure in the cytoplasm of cells that contains genetic material
Gene... Section of DNA that codes for particular characteristics
Chromosome... A structure found in the nucleus that carries genetic information
DNA... Molecule making up chromosomes
Alleles... Another version of a gene that controls a particular characteristic
Homozygous... A pair of alleles that are the same
Heterozygous... A pair of alleles that are different
Dominant... An allele that controls development of a characteristic even if present on only one chromosome in the pair
Recessive... An allele that controls development of a characteristic only if it's dominant partner allele is not
Phenotype... The actual characteristics of an individual
Genotype... The alleles that an individual contains
Genetic diagram... A diagram that shows the possible outcomes of a genetic cross
Family Pedigree... Known genetic line of descent from generation to generation
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