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If a tropism is positive, what does this mean? It grows towards the stimulus
What is geotropism? A growth response to gravity
Name a plant hormone Auxin or Gibberellin
What effect does light have on auxin? It decomposes it (breaks it down)
What is phototropism? A growth response to light
Where is insulin produced? Pancreas
What causes type 2 diabetes? Give two ways type 2 diabetes can be controlled. A person being resistant to insulin. Controlled diet and injecting insulin
What causes type 1 diabetes? How can it be controlled? A lack of insulin. Controlled diet and injecting insulin.
What hormone acts in the opposite way to insulin? Glucagon
Where is excess glucose stored? The liver and muscles
What is excess glucose stored as? Glycogen
What hormone reduces blood sugar levels? Insulin
How are hormones transported around the body? the bloodstream
What is the name given to the quick response that protects us from harm? Reflex
What is the Myelin Sheath made of and what is its role? Fat to insulate the axon
Define a synapse and state the generic name for the chemical that crosses it? The gap between two neurones. Neurotransmitters
What is the function of a dendrite? to connect neurones
What part of the neurone transmits information to different neurones, muscles and glands? Axon
What are the cells in your eye that detect light? Light sensitive cells in the retina
What makes up the Central Nervous System? The brain and Spinal Chord
What does Negative Feedback mean? When a change in one direction is detected a mechanisms reverses the change
Explain why we look red when we are hot? Vasodilation occurs allowing more blood to flow near the skins surface, increasing heat energy loss
What method of heat energy transfer does sweating utilise to cool us down? Evaporation
Which part of the brain controls body temperature? Hypothalamus
Define Homeostasis The maintenance of a stable internal enviroment
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