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Define Species A group of organisms that are physically similar and can mate with each other to produce offsprings.
What did Darwin notice about the finches on the Galapagos islands? Darwin noticed different kinds of finch has different kinds of beak.
What did Darwin do in his 5-year voyage? Darwin observes animals and plants on the Galapagos islands.
Define Adaption A behavior of physical characteristic that allows organisms to live successfully in its environment.
Define Evolution The gradual change in species over time.
Define Overproduction A kind of organism reproduces too much that the food cycle is unbalanced.
What is natural selection? The process by wich individuals are is better adapted to their environment and are more likely to survive and reproduce.
How does natural selection led to evolution? Natural selection leads to evolutionary change when individuals with certain characteristics have a greater survival or reproductive rate than other individuals in a population and pass on these inheritable genetic characteristics to their offspring.
What are homologous structures? Homologous structures are body structures that are similar to related species.
what is an example of a homologous structure? The arm of a human, the wing of a bird or a bat, the leg of a dog and the flipper of a dolphin or whale.
What are 4 pieces of evidence that support the theory of evolution? 1. The fossil record 2. Genetic commonalities 3. Common traits in embryos 4. The universal genetic code
What is geographic isolation? A population of animals, plants, or other organisms that are separated from exchanging genetic material with other organisms of the same species.
How can a geographic isolation lead to the creation of a new species? The organism has to adapt to their new environment and evolve.
What is a branching tree (in relation to the classification of organisms? A diagram shows how scientists think different groups of organisms are related.
What is taxonomy? The scientific study of how living things are classified.
Why do scientists organize living things into groups? Scientists organize living things by observing their observable traits.
What are two parts of an organism's scientific name? Class, Species
What is an example of multicellular heterotroph? Fungi
What domain contains only prokaryotes? Bacteria and Archaea
The moth gizmo showed what animal adaption? Describe this adaption. The gizmo showed moth adaption, before 1900, the air was clean, but now, the air is polluted, so the moths changed the color into black.
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