Unit 2.10. Human resource management

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human resource management the strategic approach to the effective management of an organization's workers so that they help the business gain a competitive advantage
workforce planning analyzing and forecasting the numbers of workers and the skills of those workers that will be required by the organisation to achieve its objectives
workforce audit a check on the skills and qualifications of all existing workers/managers
recruitment the process of identifying the need for a new employee, defining job to be filled and the type of person needed to fill it, attracting suitable candidates for the job and selecting the best one
job description a detailed list of the key points about the job to be filled-stating all its key tasks and responsibilities
person specification a detailed list of the qualities, skills and qualifications that a succesful applicant will need to have
training work-related education to increase workforce skills and efficiency
on-the-job training instruction at the place of work on how a job should be carried out
off-the-job training all training undertaken away from the business, e.g.work related college courses
induction training introductory training programme to familiarise new recruits with the systems used in the business and the layout of the business site
staff appraisal the process of assessing the effectiveness of an employee judged against pre-set objectives
employment contract a legal document that sets out the terms and conditions governing a worker's job
dismissal being dismissed or sacked from a job due to incompetence or breach of discipline
unfair dismissal ending a worker's employment contract for a reason that the law regards as being unfair
redundancy when a job is no longer required, so the employee doing this job becomes redundant through no
temporary employment contract employment contract that lasts for a fixed time period e.g.six months
part-time employment contract employment contract that is for less than the normal full working week of,say, 40 hours, e.g.eight hours per week
flexi-time contract employment contract that allows staff to be called in at times most convenient to employers and employees, e.g.at busy times of day
outsourcing not employing staff directly, but using an outside agency or organisation to carry out some business functions
teleworking staff working from home but keeping contact with the office by means of modern IT communications
hard HRM an approach to managing staff that focuses on cutting costs, e.g. temporary and part-time employment contracts, offering maximum flexibility but with minimum training costs
soft HRM an approach to managing staff that focuses on developing staff that they reach self-fulfilment and are motivated to work hard and stay with the business
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