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Name the only metals that rust. Iron and steel.
What two factors accelerate rusting? Acid rain and salt water
What is the word equation for rusting? iron + oxygen + water --> hydrated iron oxide
Why does aluminium not corrode in moist air? It does not rust because in moist air it forms a protective layer of aluminium oxide.
Why is aluminium used in car bodies and wheel hubs? Its doesn't corrode, low density, malleable and is reasonably strong.
Why is steel or iron used for car bodies? Both materials are strong and malleable.
Why is lead used in batteries? A chemical reaction with lead oxide produces electricity.
Why is plastic used in dashboards, dials and bumpers. It is rigid, doesn't corrode and is cheap.
Why is PVC in metal wire coverings used? PVC is flexible, is a good electrical insulator and does not corrode.
Why is glass/plastic composite used for windscreens? It is transparent, and shatterproof although it may crack.
Why is fibre used in seats? It is hard wearing and can be moved and dyed into textiles.
Name the advantages of of using aluminium compared to steel for a car body. Aluminium is lighter and more resistant to corrosion than steel. A lighter body means better fuel economy, the body will also last longer.
Both steel and aluminium are malleable, what does this mean? It means both materials can be easily shaped.
Name some advantages about steel compared to aluminium. Steel is cheaper and stronger.
Name three advantages of recycling materials from old cars. -Less waste in landfills. -Fewer toxic materials are dumped, such as lead from batteries. -Less crude oil is mined from the ground.
Name three disadvantages of recycling materials from old cars. -Fewer mines are built so there are fewer jobs. -It is difficult and time consuming to separate materials. -Some recycling processes are expensive.
How has the government tried to protect the environment? There are laws which specify that a minimum percentage of the car must be made from recyclable materials.