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Aggression Attacking without being provoked
Bullying Intimidating/frightening people weaker than yourself
Conflict resolution Bringing a fight or struggle to a peaceful conclusion
Exploitation Taking advantage of a weaker group
Forgiveness Stopping blaming someone and/or pardoning them for what they have done wrong
Just war A war which is fought for the right reasons and in a right way
Pacifism The belief that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means
Reconciliation Bringing together people who were opposed to each other
Respect Treating a person or their feelings with consideration
The United Nations An international body set up to promote world peace and cooperation
Weapons of Mass Destruction Weapons which can destroy large areas and numbers of people
World Peace The ending of war throughout the whole world (the basic aim of the United Nations)
What do the United Nations do? UN formed after WW2 to preserve world peace & bring about conflict resolutions. Through the Security Council the UN can try to stop threats to world peace by… • Imposing sanctions on countries threatening peace • Authorising the use of force by member states • Sending UN peacekeeping forces to prevent outbreak of conflict, stabilising conflict situations & bringing peace agreements • Running ICC which upholds international law
How do Pax Christi work for peace? • Hold meetings to inform about the horrors of war & promote political parties not in favour of war • Organise protests to change public opinion & consequently government policy on war • Attend inter-faith conferences to help all religions work together to promote peace • They work for worldwide acceptance of human rights
Why do wars occur? • Religious differences • Nationalism & ethnicity • Resources • Ideals & politics
How could wars be ended? • If religions came together to find unity & peace • If we had a federation of states, political differences wouldn’t cause as much conflict • Economic wars wouldn’t occur if we had equal sharing of the world’s resources
What do Jewish people believe about war? Peace is the ideal, however: • Talmund says wars should be fought if Jewish people are attacked - if it will stop an enemy from attacking or if it is to aid a country being attacked • Jews can fight in other types of wars as Tenakh is full of accounts of wars involving God • They should fight because of their experience in the Holocaust which some think might not have happened if they had had a Jewish army to defend them
What is the Just War Theory? A war is just if… • The war has been authorised by the government/UN • The cause of the war is just • The war is fought with the intention to establish good or correct evil • There is a reasonable chance of success • It is the last resort • Only sufficient force is used • No civilians are involved
Why are some Christians pacifists? • Jesus said ‘love your enemies’ & turn the other cheek when attacked • The 5th commandment teaches ‘do not kill’ • Jesus wouldn’t allow Peter to fight back when he was being arrested • Modern warfare affects so many innocent people so can never be justified
Why do some Christians believe in just wars? • Most Churches allow for just wars • St Paul said that Christians must obey the orders of the government so they should fight when ordered • Jesus did not condemn soldiers • In the same way we need police to protect innocent people against criminals, we need armed forces to protect innocent states against criminal states
Why are Christians against bullying? • Aggression without just cause is sinful • People are God’s creation & should be respected • The Good Samaritan, Greatest Commandment & Golden Rule teach love not bullying • The Christian Church teaches the protection of human rights - bullying denies people human rights
Why are Jewish people against bullying? • Jewish society is based on respect • Violence without a just cause is sinful & it is the duty of Jews to protect the weak - bullying is the opposite • Bullying is mistreating God’s creation • Jewish people should defend human rights & bullying denies the victim’s human rights
What causes religious conflicts within families? • Religions tell parents to bring their children up in faith, so if the child rejects religion there could be conflict & parents will worry their child may act sinfully & will not join them in the afterlife • Children wanting an inter-faith marriage could cause conflict because of the religious ceremony & how to raise the children could be difficult • If parents do not follow their religions strictly but their children do - could cause conflict But…religion can bring families together through worshipping together, religion promotes respect & so may not cause conflict
What are the Christian teachings on forgiveness & reconciliation? Christians have a duty to reconcile with & forgive bullies, persecutors & enemies because… • Jesus died to bring reconciliation & forgiveness • Jesus said if Christians do not forgive others, they will not be forgiven themselves • St Paul taught that we should try to live in peace with everyone • The Church promotes reconciliation & forgiveness
What are the Jewish teachings on forgiveness & reconciliation? • In the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur they should seek forgiveness from those they have wronged - on Yom Kippur they ask for God’s forgiveness for their wrongs in the past year • A true sign of repentance is to seek forgiveness • Rabbis encourage Jewish people to forgive those who wrong them • The Prayer Book says that they should forgive others when on their death bed before they ask for God’s forgiveness