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Question Answer
What is Universe? Universe is objects and energies spread through time and space.
What Universe Looks Like? If you could look at the universe it would look like a giant spider web.
How many Galaxies and Stars are in Universe? Universe is made up of billion of galaxies and trillion and tillions of stars
What is Big Bang Theory? About 13.7 billion years ago all the matter in the universe was concentrated at incredibly tiny point. This began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion and it is still expanding today.
Galaxy? Galaxy is a collection stars and other space stuff revolving around a center. Galaxies are huge and can have trillion of stars
Local Group? It contains billion of galaxies including our own Milkyway
Milky Way? Our galaxy is known as Milky way. Milky way is spiral shaped galaxy and is estimated to be made of 300 billion stars
Future of Universe (Theories) Open Flat Closed
Open Universe? (Cold Universe) dark, cold, lifeless, expanding forever, matter spreading thinner and thinner
Flat Universe? Flat Universe (Variation of Open Universe) marble on infinetly long wooden surface, Consume all energy from big bang and reach equilibrium due to friction, but it will take infinite time for the universe to halt, matter spreading thinner and thinner
Closed Universe? (Big Crunch) (Hot Universe)
What is Light Year? It is not a unit of time as a popular notion is about it. The distance light can travel over the course of one year
Speed of Light? 3 x 10e8 m/s
One Light Year equal to? 9.4X10e15 meters
Astronomical Unit? AU is used within our solar system (Distance bw earth and sun), For Larger Distances outside our solar system we use Light Year,
Andromeda Galaxy is distance to next large galaxy from milky way is 2.3 million light years away
Size of MilkyWay? size of milky way galaxy is measured in light year 150,000 light years.
What is a Dwarf Planet? Rounded Shape due to gravity (Hydro Static Equilibrium) and has not cleared its orbital path of other small objects
What is Asteriod? Irregular Shaped ( No Hydro Static Equilibrium) Made of Rock and Metal Orbitting around Sun. It is mostly at asteriod belt between the Mars and Jupiter. They failed to form a planet because of Gravitational Perturbation by massive Jupiter
What is Comet? Made of Rock and Ice Orbitting Around Sun. With a tail or coma when the comet passess near the Sun.
What is a Black Hole? A Region of Space time in the universe exhibiting such strong gravitational pull that nothing can escape from iniside of it, not even light