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Brian Greene Video

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  1. Big Bang
    1. How did it all begin
      1. Inflationary Theory
        1. Expanding Universe
          1. Why??
            1. Repulsive Gravity expands fabric of universe
              1. Expansion caused heat and radiation
                1. Increasing heat caused expanding matter to explode
                  1. Primordial Atom Exploded & Big Bang Happened
      2. What was there before it began
        1. Fabric of Universe
          1. Fabric of Time and Space
      3. Evidences of Big Bang
        1. Galaxies pushing away
          1. Mathematical Equations
            1. Explains Physical reality
              1. Guide to Physics
                1. Universal Phenomenon
                  1. Can accurately predict Residual heat from Big Bang Explosion
                    1. Predict Cosmic Background Radiations
                      1. Accurately predict Temperature Variation in Space
                    2. Einstein's Theory of Relativity
                      1. Fabric of Space & Time
                        1. Gravity and Planetary Motion
                          1. Expansion of Universe
                            1. e=mc2
                              1. Orbit of Mercury
                                1. Bending of Star light by Sun
                                2. Fabric of Space and Time
                                  1. Is Space a thing?
                                    1. Newton's Bucket Experiment
                                      1. Accelerated Motion
                                    2. What it is made up of?
                                      1. Higgs Boson
                                        1. Higgs Field or Cosmic Field
                                          1. Large Hadron Super Collider
                                            1. Collision of Proton Beams
                                              1. Higgs Particle
                                                1. Sparticles
                                                  1. Multi Dimensions
                                                    1. Microscopic Black Hole
                                                      1. Particle Zoo
                                              2. Super String Theory
                                                1. Unified Field Theory
                                                  1. Theory of Everything
                                                    1. Combines all forces: Gravity, Electromagnetism, Nuclear
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