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rich industrialising wealthy countries with a declining manufacturing rate
oil exporting countries lots of wealth due to oil exportation but majority of population still poor
newly industrialising countries(NIC) LEDCs with a fast growing economy due to increased manufacturing and trade
Former Centrally Planned Economies countries with a previous communist goverment
Heavily Indebted the poorest countries who cannot move forward due to the amount of money they owe others
access to clean water the percentage of the population with access to clean water
life expectancy the total number of years a person is expected to live
Human Development Index (HDI) the development measure based upon life expectancy, levels of education and income
birth rate the number of live births per 1000 people per year
death rate the number of deaths per 1000 people per year
literacy rate the percentage of people who can read and write
gross national product (GNP) the average value of all goods and services of a country produces per year (US$)
infant mortality rate the number of deaths of children under 1 per year per 1000 births
doctor patient ratio the number of doctors per 1000 people
Gross National Income (GNI) the average income of people in a country (US$)
food consumption the average number of calories consumed by an adult per day
standard of living economic well being. total value of possessions, jobs and actual money($ or £)
quality of life how spiritually happy you are. hard to measure because of beliefs and ideologies
prices fluctuate coffee in Uganda 1999 us$ 0.63 per lb. to us$ 0.25 per lb. in 2001
new materials found can lead to conflict and/or financial explotation
trade agreements no charges on import and export between EU countries but massive charges on every thing else
strikes and unrest UK 1960s manufacturing halts stopping trade
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