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All things you need to know about rocks!

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Give an example of Sedimentary Rocks Sandstone Mudstone
Give an example of Igneous Rock Basalt-Extrusive Granite-Intruisve
What happens during compaction in a Sedimentary Rock? Water is squeezed out from between the grains in a sediment.
Are Sedimentary Rocks porous or not porous? Porous
Igneous rocks are formed... (Finish off sentence) when molten rock cools.
Igneous rocks are made up of what? Interlocking crystals.
Igneous Rocks If cooling is fast are the crystals big or small? Small
Igneous Rocks If cooling is slow are the crystals big or small? Big
Give an example of metamorphic rock Slate Marble Schist
metamorphic rocks are formed the action of what two things? Heat and pressure (on existing rocks over long periods of time)
Earths Movements push all types of rock where? Deep Underground.
(Metamorphic Rock) What happens to the rock deep underground? It is compressed and heated, (The mineral structure and texture may change)
(Metamorphic Rock) If the rock melts what happens? It turns into magma and is gone. The magma may resurface as igneous rock.
What does metamorphism mean? Changing Form
Give two examples of physical weathering. Freeze-thaw Exfoliation
What is physical weathering caused by? The effects of changing temperature on rocks,.(This causes them to break apart)
chemical weathering is caused by what? Rain water reacting with mineral grains in a roc to from new minerals and soluble salts.
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