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When was the FRG set up? 1949
What did the Basic Law ensure? Free speech, freedom of the press and no censorship
What did the clause (parties can exist as long as they did not threaten democracy) allow the government to do? Ban the right-wing Socialist Reich Party in 1952
What is the APO The Extra-Parliamentary Opposition. Core membership was left-wing individuals, many students. Came about due to the distrust in the government and there were no left-wing parties to absorb them after than ban of KPD. Used violent protest.
What is the SDS? German Socialist Student Union - Part of the SPD but broke away in 1961 as it was becoming less radical. Use of violence. Leader was Rudi Dutsche.
When was Rudi Dutsche shot by a right-wing Fanatic? April 1968 - Resulted in the Easter Riots, attacks on the offices of the Springer Press all over Germany. Last major one on 11th March 1968
How did the government deal with extreme violence in the 70s? Emergency laws and police control.
What was the most long-lived terrorist groups? The Baader-Meinhof gang - set up in 1970
What other name did the Baader-Meinhof gang give itself? Red-army faction
Describe some of the thing that this gang is known for... Bombing in Dahlem in May 1970. By the end of 1970 most of the gang leaders were in prison and they called for hunger strikes. In November Hogler Meins died in prison. This resulted in bombings of the homes of several lawyers and judges who were involved
When was the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (bfv) and the Bunndesnachrichtendienst ( bnd) set up? 1950 and 1956
What was their purpose? To investigate people they suspected of working against the basic law. The BVF worked only inside of Germany and reported to the Minister of the Interior. The BND reported directly to the chancellor and also worked abroad
What was described as 'moments of political tension'? The government trying to supplement the basic law to allow the BND to use extreme measures like monitoring phone calls and to have wider powers of arrest
In what years did they try to do this and when did it pass? 1960, 1962, 1965 and it passed in 1968
What did this decrease? The number of protests
What was the BEFA? A system that gave the BND centralized access to all police info in the FRG
What does Berufsverbot mean? Employment ban
When did the first of the Nuremberg trials begin? 18th October 1945
How many Nazi arrests were there by the end of 1946? 250,000
When did the Western zones ban Nazi school books, films and slides? May 1946
Name the 5 reactions to denazification Resigned acceptance, indignation, avoidance, cynicism, desire to move on
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