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Beech [Hardwood] FUNCTIONS - indoor furniture - interior woodwork - window frames - veneers AESTHETICS - can be stained easily - aesthetically pleasing PROPERTIES ADV: easy to work with : durable : finishes well DISADV: prone to warping (going out of shape) Ash [Hardwood] FUNCTIONS - sports equipment - ladders - laminated furniture - tool handles AESTHETICS - pale and cream colour/light brown - aesthetically pleasing PROPERTIES ADV: tough- can withstand pressure : flexible- can be bent easily : finishes well- comes in varities
Pine {Softwood} FUNCTIONS -constructional woodwork - floorboards - children's toys AESTHETICS - has a lot of knots - light brown/creamy colour PROPERTIES ADV: easy to work with DISADV: knotty and prone to warping Oh Macdonald Ate Pink Beef Oak Mahogany Ash Pine Beech
Plywood {Manufactured} FUNCTIONS - boat building - drawer bottoms - shuttering AESTHETICS - always odd number of veneers - each ply is at a right angle to the one below = stronger - two outside layers go in the same direction PROPERTIES ADV: tensile strength - some finishes look good DISADV: prone to splitting - some finishes have knots in them Chipboard {Manufactured} FUNCTIONS - large floorboards - loft decking - kitchen worktops - flat pack furniture AESTHETICS - made from waste products - no grain patterns - not as strong as plywood PROPERTIES ADV: solutions to water problems - strong DISADV: not resistant top water - absorbs moisture>swell and break
MDF {Manufactured} FUNCTIONS - drawer bottoms - heat/sound insulation - kitchen units - flat pack furniture AESTHETICS - excellent finish surface - veneered or painted PROPERTIES ADV: dense - flat with no knots - no surface grain - can be veneered/painted DISADV: can cause irratation Hardboard {Manufactured} FUNCTIONS - cabinet backs - door cladding - smoothing out uneven floors AESTHETICS - made from compressed fibres - one side smooth/one side textured PROPERTIES ADV: avaliable for specific purposes - oil tempered boards>hard and stiff DISADV: absorbs moisture easily> swell and break
Oak[Hardwood] Functions- - high quality furniture - garden benches - boat building - veneers Aesthetics- - varies in wood colour> versatile - can be finished in many ways - has a natural grain>good for furniture Properties ADV: finishes well> comes in a variety so flexible for customers DISADV: heavy> hard to transport - Contains acid>corrodes steel ruining other objects Mahogany[Hardwood] Functions- - indoor furniture - interior woodwork - window frames - veneers Aesthetics- - can be stained easily - aesthetically pleasing Properties- ADV: easy to work with : durable : finishes well DISADV: prone to warping (going out of shape)
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