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1 Natural
1.1 Hardwood
1.1.1 Oak Functions high quality furniture garden benches boat buildings veneers Aesthetics varies in wood colour making it versatile can be finished in many different ways has a natural grain finishes well- comes in variety ways making it flexible for buyers heavy which makes it hard to transport contains acid which corrodes steel ruining other objects
1.1.2 Mahogany/Beech Functions indoor furniture interior woodwork window frames Aesthetics varies in appearance as it can be stained easily aesthetically pleasing easy to work with durable- can withstand lots of conditions finishes well prone to warping so could ruin furniture
1.1.3 Ash Functions cricket bats ladders laminated furniture tool handles Aesthetics pale/ cream/ light brown in colour can be finished well tough- can withstand lot of pressure flexible- can be bent easily works and finishes well so easy to use and can come in variety of ways
1.2 softwood
1.2.1 Pine Functions constructional woodwork (joists) floorboards children's toys Aesthetics has a lot of knots light brown/cream in colour easy to work with knotty and prone to warping> could ruin product
2 Manufactured boards
2.1 Plywood
2.1.1 Functions boat building drawer bottoms shuttering
2.1.2 Aesthetics odd numbers of veneers more veneers = stronger 2 outside layers go in same directions
2.1.3 good tensile strength so last long
2.1.4 prone to splitting
2.1.5 some finishes look good but some have knots in them
2.2 Chipboard
2.2.1 Functions large floorboards loft decking kitchen worktops flatpack furniture
2.2.2 Aesthetics made from waste products no grain pattern not as strong as ply
2.2.3 not resistant to water> swell/break absorbs moisture> ruin product
2.2.4 strong and last longing
2.3 MDF
2.3.1 functions drawer bottoms heat and sound insulation kitchen units flatpack furniture
2.3.2 aethetics has excellent surface finish can be veneered or painted
2.3.3 dense
2.3.4 no knots gives smooth look
2.3.5 can be veneered or painted
2.3.6 can cause irratation
2.4 hardboard
2.4.1 functions drawer bottoms cabinet backs internal door cladding
2.4.2 Aesthetics made from compressed fibres that smoked in a resin one side smooth one side textured
2.4.3 available for specific purposes
2.4.4 oil tempered boards last longer>hard and stiff
2.4.5 absorbs moisture quickly> swell and break so no external uses
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