Cell Control

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Protein synthesis, Mutation, Genetic control & Homeobox

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Gene Sequence of Nucleotide bases found in DNA, code for Polypeptide.
DNA Triplet 3 bases of DNA that code for 1 Amino Acid
Degenerate Most Amino Acids have more than one code
Stop codes Indicate end of polypeptide chain
Transcription Production of mRNA from DNA
mRNA Messenger RNA
Telomers Protect end of chromosome from deterioration during replication
Translation Formation of polypeptide using mRNA
tRNA Transfer RNA
Junk DNA Non-coding. Function not discovered or Regulatory function.
SiRNA (Small interfering RNA) Artificially made to stop translation and gene expression
Substitution Mutations One base pair replaces another. Can change 1 Amino Acid. Or Silent mutation.
Insertion/Deletion 1< Nucleotide pairs inserted or deleted. Causes frame shift
Cause of DNA Mutagen, UV, X-ray, Gamma & Carcinogen
Operon Made up of structural gene, code for enzymes, control elements and regulatory gene.
Lac Operon Stops transcription of enzymes in absence of lactose. Induce production in presence of lactose.
Structural genes Z coes for β Galactose. Y for Lactose permease
Operator region Repressor molecule binds to. Turns on/off transcription of Y/Z
Promoter region RNA polymerase binds to begin transcription of Y/Z
Homeobox Control development of zygote onto complete organism.
Apoptosis Programmed cell death. Removed unwanted structures
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