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8th grade Civics SOL

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Fundamental Principles Consent of the Governed Limited Government Rule of Law Democracy Representative Government
What does Consent of the Governed Mean? The people are the source of any and all governmental power.
What does Limited Government Mean? Government is not all-powerful and may do only those things the people have given it the power to do.
What Does Rule of Law Mean? The government and those who govern are bound by the law, as are those who are governed.
What does Democracy Mean? In a democratic system of government, the people rule.
What does Representative Government Mean? In a representative system of government, the people elect public officeholders to make laws and conduct government on the people’s behalf.
Declaration of Independence - Stated Grievances against the King of Great Britain - Declared the Colonies' independence from Great Britain - Affirmed “certain unalienable rights” (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) established the idea that all people are equal under the law.
Articles of Confederation – established the first form of national government for the independent states – maintained that major powers resided with individual states - created weak central government (e.g., no power to tax or enforce laws); led to the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America.
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom Stated freedom of religious beliefs and opinions
Charters of the VA Company of London Guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists
Virginia Declaration of Rights Served as a model for the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the U.S.
Constitution • established the structure of the United States government • guaranteed equality under the law with majority rule and the rights of the minority protected • affirmed individual worth and dignity of all people • protected the fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
What is Preamble sets forth the goals and purposes to be served by the government
Purpose of Constitution Purposes of United States government:  To form a more perfect union  To establish justice  To ensure domestic tranquility  To provide for the common defense  To promote the general welfare  To secure the blessings of liberty
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