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Vocabulary targets people, places, and events.

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Question Answer
First Continental Congress A gathering of delegates from all the colonies, except Georgia, to discuss the relationship between G. Britain and America
Patriots Colonists who chose to fight for independence from G. Britain
Minutemen Soldiers who were known to arrive to battle in less than a minute
Redcoats A nickname given to British soldiers because of their red coats
2nd Continental Congress A meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphiato decide how to react to fighting at Lexington and Concord
Continental Army The army in 1775 which defended the American Colonies from Britain
George Washington General who commanded the Continental Army
Battle of Bunker Hill Battle in Boston that showed colonists that they could fight well against British
Common Sense 47 page pamphlet that argued the rights of the citizens. -questioned CORRUPT MONARCHIES -Stated that it was COMMON SENSE to have freedom
Thomas Paine Author of Common Sense -Influenced many colonists
Dec. of Independence A legal document made for the U.S. to break away from Britain. -Written by T. Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Dec. of Independence
Loyalist Colonists who fought for G. Britain
Mercenaries Foreign soldiers
Battle of Trenton Patriot victory that captured over 900 British soldiers -happened in NJ -first war to break a MAJOR war code -Patriots struck on a holiday
Battle of Saratoga Turning point of the revolution, greatest win for U.S.
Lafayette Young French man, inspired the Revolutionary War. -gave $200,00 of his own money -asked French to support America
Baron Freidrich Von Steuban An experienced military leader, helped American Troops
Bernardo de Galvez Governor of Spanish Louisianna -drove out British from Florida and other places down in the south
John Paul Jones Naval hero, helped defeat British -known as "Father of the Navy"
George Rogers Clark Volunteered to lead western campaign, helped win fort sackville
Francis Marion A skilled patriot. He organized Marion's Brigade, a group of Guerilla warfare soldiers
Battle of Yorktown Last MAJOR battle of the American Revolution. -British surrendered at the end
Treaty of Paris A legal document in which Great Britain recognized U.S. independence.