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Primary Data Data that is collected by yourself
Types of Primary Data Questionnaires, Interviews (structured/semi-structured) Observations
Strengths of Primary Data Address specific research issues - primary research is designed to collect the information the researcher wants to know Greater control - enables the researcher to have a higher level of control over how the information is collected Data interpretation is better - the collected data can be examined and interpreted by the researcher depending on their needs rather than relying on the interpretation made by collectors of secondary data
Disadvantages of Primary Data Cost - compared to secondary research, primary data may be very expensive since there is a great deal of researcher involvement and the expense in preparing and carrying out research can be high Time-consuming - because of exhaustive nature of the exercise, the time required to do research accurately is very long as compared to secondary data, which can be collected in much less time Inaccurate feedback - in case the research involves taking feedback from the targeted audience, there are high chances that feedback given is not correct More number of resources are required - leaving aside cost and time, other resources like human resources and materials too are needed in larger quantity to do surveys and data collection
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