C1 Limestone and Building Materials

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What is Limestone? A sedimentary rock mainly made up of the compound Calcium Carbonate.
What is the chemical formula of calcium carbonate? CaCO3
How do you obtain Limestone? Through quarries
What happens to CaCO3 when it thermally decomposes? Calcium oxide and carbon dioxide are formed
What happens in general when metal carbonates undergo thermal decomposition? A metal oxide and carbon dioxide is produced
What do calcium oxide and water form? Calcium hydroxide
What is calcium hydroxide? A strong alkali
What else is calcium hydroxide solution known as? Limewater
What do calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide form? Calcium Carbonate
How do you test whether a gas is CO2 gas? By the reaction with calcium hydroxide
How do you produce dry cement? Powdered limestone and powdered clay are roasted in a rotary kiln
How is mortar produced? The cement is mixed with sand and water
What is mortar used for? To hold together bricks and stone during building
How is concrete produced? Cement is mixed with water, sand and gravel (crushed rock)
What happens when metal carbonates (e.g. calcium carbonate) react with acids? A salt, water and carbon dioxide gas is produced
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