Nuclear Physics: Radioactive Decay 2

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This flash card deck covers radioactive decay, alpha, beta and gamma emission, activity of a radioactive source and half-life. This can be used alongside the note on radioactive decay and radioactivity and the mind map on nuclear physics

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Radioactive Decay When radiation is emitted from a nucleus, the nucleus undergoes decay
Alpha emission Emission of a helium nucleus from a large atom
Beta emission The emission of an electron when a neutron decays into a proton
Gamma emission The emission of high energy photons from an unstable nucleus
Activity of a radioactive sorce Number of nuclei decaying per second
Half-life Time taken for half of the nuclei of a source to decay
Law of radioactive decay The activity of a radioactive source is proportional to the number of undecayed nuclei present
Formula of radioactive decay A = λ N
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