Schoenberg 'Peripetie' Vocab

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The words and definitions of what you need to know for the EDEXCEL GCSE MUSIC EXAM

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ATONAL Having no overall key
KLANGFARBENMELODIE 'tone colour melody' used to describe how timbre contributes to a melody, pitch or rhythm
MUTE a device that can be fitted to an instrument to quieten the sound
SEHR RASH very fast
RUHIGER quieter, or calmer
HEFTIG violent
EXPRESSONISM a style of music which Schoenberg used to express feelings as intensely as possible
BROAD RONDO FORM a musical structure in which the main melody alternates with contrasting sections 'ABACA'
HAUPSTIMME the most important part
NEBENSTIMME the second most important part
HEXACHORD a chord made up of six notes
TERRACED DYNAMICS dynamics shift from soft to loud abruptly and back without gradual crescendos
COMPLIMENT 6 semitones not used in the first hexachord
CHROMATICISM the use of notes which are foreign to the mode or diatonic scale in which the piece is based on
IMPRESSIONIST a movement in European Classical Music where focus is on suggestion and atmosphere
RETROGRADE notes of a tone row backwards
INVERSION a given melody turned upside down
PRIME ROW/ORDER a set of 12 notes which are non repeating
SERIALISM a technique of composition based on the 12 note tone row scale
ENHARMONIC a note that is equivalent to another note
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