Unit 1A - Tectonic Plates

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What are the 3 types of tectonic plates? Describe what each of them are. 1) Constructive - two plates move away from each other causing magma (molten rock) to rise through the cracks; creating land - crust. 2) Destructive - where two plates collide causing one plate to subduct creating an ocean trench (1 continental, 1 oceanic), when both are continental they will rise causing a mountain or volcano. No crust is destroyed. 3) Conservative - where two plates are moving sideways past each other or in the same direction at different speeds. These can create small earthquakes although no crust is destroyed or created.
What are the four section on the basic diagram of the world (in order)? Inner core Outer core Mantle Crust
How is farming used in fold mountains? Higher points are used for grazing animals as the soil isn't very nutritional. Lower points are terraced and used for growing crops.
How is hydro-electric power used in fold mountains? Hydro-electricity is used to generate power by using water turbines in a dam.
How are fold mountains used for tourism? Fold mountains are used for skiing in the winter and used for camping and hiking in the summer.
How are fold mountains used for mining? Fold mountains are used to mine metal ores, gold, silver and other collectable materials. Tunnels are carving in the mountain sides for access roads.
How is forestry used in fold mountains? Forestry is used to grow trees for building materials and logging.
How have people adapted to the condition in the Alps? The people have adapted to the conditions in the Alps by grazing animals at high slopes and cropping at low slopes. They also have built roads for access passages and transport.
What are composite volcanoes? Composite volcanoes are volcanoes made of layers of ash and layers of hardened lava. The lava is thick and runs slowly which hardens quickly creating a steep slope.
What are shield volcanoes? Shield volcanoes are volcanoes made of layers of lava. The lava is thin and runs quickly down the sides creating a flat volcano.
What is a dome volcano? A dome volcano is a volcano made of thick lava which dries quickly after flowing slowly creating a steep-sided volcano.
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