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Contribution method: This is how to work out break even without a diagram Contribution per unit= selling price - variable cost Cash flow: Cash flow is money running in and out of the business (not profit!)
Break even point: Is the point where a business does not make a profit nor a loss International marketing: Marketing carried out by companies, overseas or across national boundaries
Budgeting: A budget is a plan of future income and expenditure. All should be for 12 months Balance sheets: Is a statement of a business financial position at a given period of time. Shows the firm's liabilities assets and capital (is a snapshot)
Income statement: An account compiled at the end of an accounting period to show gross and net profit or loss (usually 12 months) Workforce plan: Assesses a firm's current and future work force needs, and sets out a plan of action to meet those needs in the future
Leadership: An ability to acheive an effective performance of others Appraisals: Evaluating the usefulness of the employee to the business.
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