Las Amistades

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To Please Agradar
anxious aprensivo
To repent arrepentirse
to dare atreverse
to run over atropellar
absence la ausencia
affection el cariño
jealous celoso
understanding comprensivo
reliable confiable
to meet conocer
to depend on contar con
to flirt coquetear
to blame culpar
to meet encontrarse
to get angry enfadarse
to annoy fastidiar
unexpected imprevisto
to judge juzgar
loyal leal
pick up ligarse
fun-loving marchoso
deceitful mentiroso
to annoy molestar
group of friends la panda, la pandilla
to stop parar
whatever happens pase lo que pase
very boring pesadísimo
to rush precipitarse
to plan to proponerse
to complain quejarse de
grievance, quarrell la rencilla
spiteful rencoroso
healthy sano
sensitive sensible
caring solidario
to betray traicionar
self-seeking, opportunist ventajista
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