Grade 4 Music Theory Words

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The Italian and French words needed for grade 4

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affettuoso tenderly
affrettand hurrying
amabile amiable, pleasant
appassionato with passion
calando getting softer, dying away
cantando singing
come as, similar to (come prima: as before, come sopra: as above)
facile easy
fuoco fire
giusto proper, exact (tempo giusto: in strict time)
l'istesso the same (l'istesso tempo- at the same speed)
morendo dying away
niente nothing
nobilmente nobly
perdendosi dying away
possibile possible (presto possibile: as fast as possible)
quasi as if, resembling
sonoro resonant, with rich tone
sopra above
sotto below (sotto voce: in an undertone)
veloce swift
voce voice
à to, at
animé animated, lively
assez enough, sufficient
avec with
cédez yield, relax with speed
douce sweet
en dehors prominent (a direction to make a melody stand out)
et and
légèrement light
lent slow
mais but
moins less
modéré at a moderate speed
non not
peu little
plus more
presser hurry (en pressant: hurrying on)
ralentir slow down
retenu held back (en retenant: holding back, slowing a little)
sans without
très very
un/une one
vif lively
vite quick
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