Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems

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What is a tissue? A group of cells with a similar structure and function working together.
What does muscular tissue do? Contracts to bring movement
What do glandular cells contain? What does this produce? They contain secretory cells which produce and release enzymes and hormones
What does epithelial tissue do? Covers the outside of the body and internal organs. Plants have them which covers surfaces and protects them
What does palisade mesophyll do? Contains Chloroplasts for photosynthesis
What does spongy mesophyll do? Chloroplasts, air spaces and a large surface area for gaseous exchange
What do the Xylem and Phloem do? Carry water and mineral ions to other areas
Multicellular organisms contain a)... cells which are b)... for different functions a) differentiated b) adapted
What are enzymes? Proteins which catalyse or speed up chemical reactions inside our bodies
What are hormones? Chemical messengers produced by glands are carried in the blood to specific organs in the body
What is an organ? Several tissues working together
Name the tissues found in the stomach... Muscular tissue, glandular tissue and epithelial tissue
What do the tissues do in the stomach? Muscular=Churn food and digestive juices together Glandular=Produce digestive juices, acid and enzymes Epithelial=Cover inner and outer surfaces of the stomach
What is an organ system? A group of organs working together for a particular function
Give 5 examples of organ systems... Digestive System Nervous System Circulatory System Respiratory System Reproductive System
What does the digestive system do? Exchange substances with the environment
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