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7.8 Describe the typical contents of a project management plan

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What categories do the project management contents fall into? Why What Who How much (cost) When How
What information is contained in the 'why' section of the PMP? Description of benefits Statement of requirements Project objectives Strategic fit These will be taken from the business case.
Describe the purpose and list the information contained in the 'what' section of the PMP Explains the nature of the project deliverables created to satisfy project requirements/organisational need. Contains: project scope (whats in/whats out); main product specifications; acceptance criteria for deliverables approval; constraints (critical time slots); assumptions (resource availability).
What information is contained in the 'who' section of the PMP? RAM - who complete each product OBS - hierarchy of project personel Authority & delegation schedules - delegation of approval for documents, expenditures & acceptance Role descriptions - defines responsibilities
What is the purpose and what information is contained in the 'how much' section of the PMP? Predicting project expenditure is key to tracking project progress. 'How much' section contains: time phased budget; earned value arrangements (track actuals against planned); cash flow forecasts (show balance of income vs costs); cost variance & cost management procedures.
What information is contained in the 'when' section of the PMP? Project schedule (high-level summary) supported by: Precedence diagrams Resource histograms Gantt charts Project life cycle
What is the purpose and what information is contained in the 'how' section of the PMP? Describes strategy for running the project. 'How' section contains separate ancillary plans: project methods (standards for design work/review of products); health & safety plan; quality plan; procurement strategy; communication management plan; risk management plan; change control procedures.
What are the two distinct types of PMP content? Policies (how project will be run, its framework) Schedules & plans (what produced, when, for how much, who will do it) PM must administer all the polices within a project to ensure it is managed properly.
List examples of the policy content of the PMP. Stakeholder management policy Risk management policy Change control process Configuration management process Issue management policy Quality policy Resource management policy Monitoring & control procedures Health & safety policy Planning & estimating procedures
List examples of the schedules and plans content of the PMP. Stakeholder analysis Risk log Change control log Configuration library Issue log Defects log Resource plan Earned value reports Health & safety log Gantt chart
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