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Marketing analysis for the new website. The complete information is in the word document.

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917a11c5-aa00-4f4e-8f53-b3b8ef5bd177.jpg (image/jpg) The actual website is - Flat and - No user-friendly
Type of website Business Information Website Aims to publicizing the company and its products through information.
Website objectives d0399557-bd52-48c2-9e31-632264b916e2.jpg (image/jpg) Establish objectives for the website that helps to guide the strategy. They should always be written with SMART structure. In our case, are attract visitors and retain customers.
b2afffd4-df5e-4029-b130-39673aaf1418.png (image/png) One of the most important strategy in the websites is the content marketing. Relevant information base on customer needs. This leads to an inbound marketing.
Analysis of contents: The new website has to be base on relevant, fresh and original information. May include information missing in the actual page such as news, sales representatives throughout U.S, complementary information about the products, etc.
Given that the website of the company is managed by Lutz Germany, it has 2 options for the new one: - Create a landing page, which helps to promote the company and has a clear call-to-action, redirecting to the actual page. or -Create a completely new website that has a clear headline and is attractive and (user-friendly).
0d28ac11-563b-4331-9c7e-6cfb87266ab3.jpg (image/jpg) 5493045a-74d1-40c6-a7bf-d36c0a1bbefa.png (image/png)
Usability of the website structure, responsive design, dynamism, accessibility. -The actual website it is practical but could be improved -It does not have a format to work in different devices.
a26825ac-ff0f-4b01-b742-7536b2662b21.png (image/png) Strategies to have a better SEO and SEM -Content Marketing -Domains -Retargeting
-Keywords -Meta tags: title, description, head. -Ads in other related pages End of the presentation THANKS.
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