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Miranda encounters men for the first time Act I scene 2 "Lord how it looks about! Believe me, sir/ it carries a brave form"
The audience discovers the duplicity of Sebastian and Antonio Act 2 Scene 1 "I'll come to Naples. Draw thy sword - one stroke... And I the king shall love thee" - the audience learns about their plans to kill alonso but the characters remain ignorant
The audience watches as Prospero celebrates his enemies not discovering his plans, while the audience has discovered it long ago Act 4 Scene 1 "At this hour/ Lies at the mercy of all mine enemies"
Act 5 Scene 1 Prospero relents having discovered there is more to life than getting revenge "The rarer action is in virtue than vengence... Go release them Ariel"
The island forces a discovery upon Prospero in his time imprisoned that his actions were of wrongdoing - Act 1 Scene 2 ‘The government I cast upon my brother/ And to my state grew stranger, being transported/And rapt in secret studies’
Caliban upon discovering his two "gods" - Act 2 Scene 2 "I'll kiss thy foot. I'll swear myself thy subject"
Ariel reveals himself to Sebastian, Antonio, Alonso and Gonzalo "You three are men of sin... You mongst men being most unfit to live" - They believe that they have discovered a message from a God but it has really been illustrated by Prospero "That deep and dreadful organ pipe, pronounced/ the name of Prosper"
Ariel's words that initiate Prospero's change of heart - Act 5 Scene 1 "Tears run down his beard like winter's drops/... Your charm so strongly works them that if you now beheld them your affections would become tender"
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi on discovery "Discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind"
Composer of Hector and the search for Happiness Peter chesholm
Rubric statement aligning to Hector “Discoveries can… emerge from a process of deliberate and careful planning evoked by… necessity or wonder” "They lead us to new worlds and possibilities and enable us to speculate about future possibilites"
Rubric statement on Tempest "They can lead us to new worlds and values, stimulate new ideas and enable us to speculate about future possibilites"
Hector's main discoveries He discovers that a love life isn’t the key to happiness (affair with woman in Japan), he discovers charity is fulfilling (visits a medical centre in Africa), he discovers, above all, that embracing his own emotions and appreciating his life is the true key to happiness (brain scan, showing which thoughts about his life made his brain “light up")
Hector text “his rates were very fair and hadn’t changed in years. Come to think of it… neither had Hector” (Shows him driving his car) “More important than what we are searching for is what we are avoiding” – Monk in China – addressing Hectors ignorance of his own complacency
Hector discovers the necessity of his discovery Patient “You are going on a journey” – Hector is played by a child and replies “am I?” “some one is hurting you, making you angry… Its you” – dark scary music. Hector ushers the patient out screaming “you are projecting. I am not the patient”
Hectors discoveries in notebook “Making comparisons can spoil your happiness” – illustrates angry businessman as a caricature holding dollar and yen signs “Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness” “Happiness is answering your calling”
Brain scan scene - fails Hector thinks about his time being imprisoned – the brain lights up partially “it is as if he is trying to modulate the emotions – like something is holding him back” Thinks about a lost love interest - No lights are shown
Brain scan scene - Clara Thinks about Clara marrying someone else – the child hides in the bushes, scared he won’t grow up in time – “the thing that makes me most unhappy is that I might lose you” His brain initially lights up all 3 colours then lights up completely yellow
Hector's overall discovery - Once he addresses his flaws, learns his lesson “we all have an obligation to be happy” and discovers his ambitions he immediately returns home, to his familiar world – he was ready, but also enthusiastic
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