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what does the mass number tell you? the number of protons and neutrons
what does the atomic number tell you? the number of protons
what is a compound? atoms of 2 or more elements chemically joined together
what is an isotope? different atomic forms of the same element, which have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons
does the mass number or the atomic number change with isotopes? the mass number
give 2 properties of ionic compounds high m.p and conduct when molten
give 2 properties of simple molecular substances weak intermolecular forces and don't conduct
give 3 examples of giant covalent structures diamond, silicon dioxide and graphite
what is another name for giant covalent structures? macromolecules
give 2 properties of giant covalent structures? very high m.p's and don't ocnduct (except graphite)
give to properties of metallic structures and say why good conductors (free electrons) and bendy as the layers can slide over eachother
name the 4 types of structure you need to know giant covalent, simple molecular, giant ionic and giant metallic
what are fullerenes? nanoparticles that are made up of carbon
what is a thermosoftening polymer? melts on heating as there are no cross links between chains, you can then remould them
what is a thermosetting polymer? crosslinks, so it doesn't soften when heated, it just chars at high temperatures
give the conditions to make LD polyethene 200 degrees, high pressure
give the conditions to make HD polyethene low temperature and pressure with a catalyst
what is one mole of a substance equal to? its relative formula mass in grams
give the equation for the number of moles n=m/Mr
how does gas chromatography work? a gas is used to carry substances through a coloumn packed with solid material, the substances travel at different speeds, so are seperated. retention time to the detector which is used to identify the substances
what does the molecular ion peak on a mass spectrometer show? the relative molecular mass
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