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What is the meaning of omniscience and give 2 examples of it in the Bible. It means all-knowing. God is shown to be aware of all events within his creation. Eg in Genesis when Eve eats the forbidden fruit or in Samuel when David commits adultery.
What is the meaning of omnipotence and give two examples of it within the Bible Meaning - all powerful. Demonstrated in Genesis, creation, lays down foundations of Earth. Also shown in Joshua, "God threw down huge stones"
Meaning of Omnipresent with detailed description All-present. Seen to sustain his creation. Present throughout time, links with idea of God being responsible for everything continuing to exist.
Meaning of Transcendent God is separate and Distinct from physical world
Explain Creation ex Nihilo Means creation out of nothing. God created the universe out of nothing - Genesis 1.
How is the Prime Mover similar to God? Creates a world of purpose. Both Teleological. Both creation ex Nihilo.
How is the prime mover different from God? God shows examples of human nature and rational thinking. Prime Mover doesn't show signs of 'thinking' about the Earth.
What is the difference between Genesis 1 and 2? Gen 1: Creation of the world. Gen 2: Creation of human life.
How is God shown as a craftsman? God made Adam from dust - similar to a potter with clay. Job 38 - God described as designer who laid down foundations of Earth - like an architect.
Explain the term anthropomorphic in relation to God God shows human-like qualities.
What does the term Omnibenelovent mean? All loving
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