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What is periodization? planning training to maximise performance in relation to a series of goals.
What are the aims of periodization? 3 things.. 1. to stop plateau effect 2.manipulate training methods progress to our max at the right times.
effects of not using periodization... 1.VO2 max cannot be greatly improved. 2. will not perform at peak 3.improvment of lactate threshold is limited.
What are the three periodization cycles? Micro Macro Meso
What is a macrocycle? What is it made up of? 1. the overall goal to achieve 2.a group of mesocycles help towards the goal.
how long are mesocycles and What do they contain? Training sessions with the goals which contribute to completing the macrocycle that last a few weeks
how long are microcycles are what do they used for? 5-10 days training plans to cover a week with patterns of how to train, arms then legs alternately ..
Explain Tapering Reducing the training load before competition to improve performance.
Give 3 symptoms of overtraining.. 1.Loss of appetite 2.supressed immune system 3.deep muscle soreness
Give one style of periodisation 'Wave like' periodisation
explain 'wave like' periodization and 1 benefit of it. athlete begins with high levels of exercise volume and finish with high intensity. 2.helps avoid overtraining or 3.peak at time of high intensity not volume.
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